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Co Live & Co Work

Bunk Stay CoWorking Hostel

Have you got Work From Home due to Covid-19, or you are a digital Nomad working on the go while exploring the world. You may be looking for a CoWorking space in Rishikesh with a good internet connection and affordable prices for a long stay.

We at BunkStay have a solution for you all Freelancers, Digital Nomads and people who got lucky with the new Work From Home policy of your company.

Book for long Term and get flat 40% discount on your stay booked directly with us for min 30 days.


Why Bunkstay for CoWorking

Workstation in Himalayas

Move to Mountains for Work

Book for min 15 days to try our CoWorking Packages for Digital Nomads & People Working from Home. Let us take care of the daily cleaning and healthy meals while you focus on your work while enjoying the weather and surroundings of Rishikesh.

Be Part of Community

Meet Digital Nomads from Across the World

We have started offering stay to a lot of Digital Nomads and Freelancers during the Covid19 phase. Be part of the community and learn from each other. Interact with the travellers and Digital Nomads around the world and lets grow togeter

Good Internet Speed

Internet lease line & Dual Band Routers

We have a Fiber Optics Line for a 20 Mbps Lease line to give you not just download but also good upload speed. Enjoy seamless connectivity with Dual Band Routers installed for our rooftop cafe.

Deals for Long Stays