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Panoramic view from Rishikesh India
View from Bunkstay rooftop

It may sound like a bit of a  cliché, but Rishikesh truly is a place like no other in India. Here you’ll meet all sorts of interesting people just walking around, from tantra practitioners to crystal healers to laughter therapists, and even the regular locals have a special, otherworldly vibe about them.

One can visit the Rishikesh at any time or season as its location in the foothills gives it a pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the best months to visit Rishikesh would be February, March, August, September, October when the tourist can enjoy its pleasant weather most. 

It could be just any day when you might find people dancing to the music of flowing water on the ghats as the sun sets behind them. It is just so unlike the rest of India to the so soulful. So calm and accepting in a different way. Slow-moving and laid back, it’s spiritual, but not just in the traditional sense of the word. No matter who or what you believe in, and even if you’re not spiritual in the slightest, you’ll still feel the magic of the place.

Imagine for a second, you are sitting peacefully at the Ganges with a thin veil of mist shrouding the evening; listening to the soothing sounds of gurgling waters & add to that the mellifluous chants of the incredible Ganga Aarti with the Himalayas in the far distance. You can enjoy an amazing stay at Bunkstay hostel

The city has a soul of its own which will anchor yours and you’d never want to leave. Therefore, If you haven’t already it’s time to witness the power of manifestation that this city has to offer. Rishikesh is a platterful of two inverse universes– and there is no reason you shouldn’t experience both.

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