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Workation In Rishikesh FLAT 40% OFF

Looking for Workation in Rishikesh?

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Rishikesh is an amazing destination to attract yoga and meditation, Hindu pilgrims, and those seeking enlightenment. Let’s dive in to know how to work from Rishikesh!

Recently, after this pandemic, people started loving this city for their work destination. Rishikesh has everything for everyone. How many times you wanted to take a break from work but couldn’t get it. This is the best time to get the taste of real peace by living near the holy Ganga.

Bunk Stay is every season hostel. From monsoon to winters you can just bring your laptop and can start working in the lap of the mountains.

Mornings @ Bunk Stay:-

yoga at rishikesh

The best part you’ll love about Bunk Stay is the stillness. No car honking, No irritating noise. Perfect timing to connect with yourself. Just nature and you. You’ll love the morning here, Pure and blissful. You can see your hostel mates are doing Yoga enjoying coffee and some are just enjoying the view. This is perfect to start your day for workation in Rishikesh.

Breakfast @ Bunkstay

workation in rishikesh

It’s time for some delicious breakfast. Either you are vegetarian, vegan, or hardcore non-vegetarian, Bunkstay has everything to satisfy your appetite. Enjoying a sip of coffee by having a view of Laxman Jhula is like a dream come true. You’ll get a variety of foods to start your day.

Time For Work:-

girl working

Now it’s time to make your colleagues jealous. Enjoy the high-speed free internet included with your stay and latency free video calling. Feel relaxed while working and it any stressful situation, just close your eyes and listen the sound of beautiful birds, observe the butterflies. According to a report of HBR, working in nature can improve your productivity significantly. You’ll get here everything what you missed in your regular life. And also you have a lot of people to discuss and take an instant feedback of your work. Working in rishikesh is the real fun.

Enjoy The Evening

bunkstay reviews

Bunkstay is a cool destination to meet with new people, to come out from your comfort zone. Everyone has a story to share, everyone has a hidden talent. Bunkstay organizes different events so that you not only enjoy the evening as a spectator but also become part of it. It doesn’t matter how good or bad singer are you, people from different languages, cultures, countries will join you. Every single evening spent in Bunkstay would be the best evening of your life.

Spending Weekends While Working In Rishikesh

The real fun begins when you take a breath from your daily 9 to 5 routine. Rishikesh has some phenomenal destination to worth visit. From Patna Waterfall to Parmarth Ashram, from Laxman Jhula (3 minutes distance from Bunk Stay) to Shivpuri, there are some splendid location to enjoy it.

Moreover if you are adventure lover person then Rishikesh has that too.

Rafting in Rishikesh is very popular adventure to do.

river rafting

What you can feel by working at Rishikesh, cannot be expressed in words. The best way to experience it is to be in it.

Did you know?

Bunkstay is offering FLAT 40% discount from booking via bunkstay.com.

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