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5 Reasons Why Work from Mountains Of Rishikesh is Gaining Popularity?

Working From Mountains

A new trend, recently Millennials have started doing work from Mountains, it seems like work from home has got a new definition.

As soon as there is leniency in the COVID-19 lockdown, many millennials have started heading towards the mountains.

Apart from this, you have also noticed one of your friend or mutual friend has also opted to move their workstation to the mountains.

Working From Mountain

Have you ever thought about why millennials are heading towards work from mountain culture? Or are you planning to for the same? If YES, then here are the few points which are more than enough to support this culture.

1. Best Way To Detox Yourself!

Work From Mountain

On a serious note, all of us have become quite irritated with this new normal, where our workstation lies in our living room. Plans like going for Sunday’s brunch, Saturday’s Nightout feels like a memory now. 

Right now, life has become quite monotonous with the same routine.

To handle this situation millennials have found the perfect way to detox themselves by opting for work from the mountains. Where we can enjoy green hills with pine-covered roads. As we all know mountains have a different vibe and amazing energy to absorb all your negativity.

2. Working From Mountain Enhance Productivity

girl working at bunkstay
Cafe At Bunkstay

Living in the glitters of the city, we all have forgotten the meaning of self discipline, that we need most for moving forward in our lives.

In the mountains, it can be thoroughly experienced. They’re helping us revive and rejuvenate ourselves.

The main cause of hampering our productivity is Noise and disturbance. These two can’t be ignored while working from home.

 But working from mountains allows us to live and work in a peaceful and less populated environment and help us in boosting our productivity.

3. New Definition to work life Balance!!

Bunk Stay Rishikesh

Working at home and from home in this new normal, all of us somewhere feel like work has occupied our personal space too.

Those 9 to 5 jobs have suddenly become 9 to 9 thing in this new normal. This made our personal life quite disturbed as well. But moving your workstation to the mountains has helped a lot in making a perfect permutation and combination of work-life balance.

Actually, early sunrise and sunset gives you more time to work rather than in cities where we usually start our work at 9.00 A.M. but in the mountains, you can easily start at 7.00 A.M. This made a huge difference.

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4. Ditch Everything For Mountains!!

workation in rishikesh

Living in the same four walls for more than 3 months, all of us have reached the point of boredom and creative block.

Some of the young professions like Digital Marketing, Designing, copywriter and many more, where millennials are mostly involved. For them Creative block is a big NO!

So shifting their work stations to the mountains and working and spending time in the laps of nature helped a lot us to improve our imagination and enthusiasm.

5. A Free Spirited Life!!

Bungee Jumping At Rishikesh

Rishikesh is full of adventures. Nowadays everyone wishes to have a vibrant lifestyle, where we can easily roam and work according to our preference. Work from mountains exactly a copy of this.

You can easily work sitting on the river shore or at the top of mountains, according to your choice.


Volunteer In Rishikesh
Life changing experience At Bunkstay

You wake up to the scenic view of the sunrise and the sound of birds and start your work in the panoramic view of mountains.

What else does anyone need?

Personally, for me, it’s just a dream come true. You can also book your view with an amazing discount.

This attracts millennials a lot to opt for work from mountain culture. They can work and enjoy themselves at the same time.

What’s your reason for working from mountains? Share below.

This experience is beautifully shared by Aditi 🙂
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